Top 5 Things to do in Truro, Nova Scotia

After high school, I moved to Halifax to attend university. After buying a home, living & working in the city for close to 10 years, we made the move back to Truro, our home town. One thing I got from the whole experience was a new appreciation for Truro & all it has to offer. It is a typical small town, but like most small towns, it offers unique ‘hidden’ gems that to all of us who have lived & grown up here, are not so special because they have become to routine to our every day lives. To others however, they something new & different.

Although this is not the typical content I publish to this blog, I thought, hey, it’s summertime, why not share some of the top things to do in my hometown Truro, since some of you may be headed this way for a summer road trip.

1 – Victoria Park

Truro's famous Victoria Park

The falls at Victoria Park photo retrieved from:

Well, what a surprise here, because if there is one place Truro is known for, it is Victoria Park, but this place is true to it’s reputation. The park begins with a large playground, splash pad & pool, which then leads to a stage area that frequently hosts bands or theatre productions. But what really makes the park is the walking trails, which lead through to rivers, streams, bridges & waterfalls. The trails are complimented by staircases, like the popular Jacob’s Ladder, leading to more waterfalls & more trails. I walk this park frequently with a friend & literally every time, we find ourselves saying how incredible it is that we live so close to a park like this.

2 – Murphy’s General Store

So maybe it is not actually in town limits, but this place is too dear not to mentioned. Let me give you some personal history of this gem. When I first started dating my husband, we would frequently go camping out towards Tatamagouche. On every trip, he would stop in to Murphy’s. Murphy’s was owned by an ol fella by the name of, you guessed it, Murphy. The place was stuffed full of stuff; buckets of pennies, tin signs, a bee hive, an old cat. On colder evenings, Murphy ran a wood stove in the middle of the store. Usually there’d be 2 or 3 other old men chatting it up when we went in. My husband would grab a dirty old egg sandwich (homemade), a stick of pepperoni & a chocolate milk.

Murphy's General Store in Earltown outside Truro photo retrieved from:

Murphy’s General Store in Earltown photo retrieved from:

Recently, Murphy finally gave up the ghost & sold the store to a young couple. What this couple has done to the store is fantastic. Nobody really likes change, but if it has to come, this is the best way to receive it. The couple kept a lot of the old charm, but gave the place some organization (and a much needed clean-up). They have also started selling many local products, crafts & food products while continuing to offer much of what Murphy was known for…including egg sandwiches.

For directions on how to find Murphy’s General Store, click here

3 – Downtown Truro

Near the new Truro town square photo retrieved from:

The new town square in downtown Truro photo retrieved from:

Our downtown has really grown up in recent years. Formerly, the downtown was mostly known for arguably 1 store – Margolians. Everybody came up to Truro for Christmas shopping at Margolians at least once throughout the season. When the store closed in 2011, everyone expected the downtown core to go down with it. Surprisingly, the strip was reenergized with a host of new businesses & young entrepreneurs. Today, the downtown is busier than ever with new shops like HAF & Enchanted Forest, the classics like Inglis Jewellers & Sea Shell Design & the old time favourites, like the antique store on Prince Street down from MacQuarries that has a ‘Going out of Business Sale’ every Friday.

4 – River Run Golf Course

River Run Golf Course photo ret. from

River Run Golf Course photo ret. from

Again, technically on the out skirts of Truro, but I’m going with it. River Run is not a prestige, well-groomed, technically challenging course. It is a humble 9-hole. What makes it special is what the owners have chosen to do with it over the past few years. The club house has recently been renovated & now offers an original brand of coffee Aroma Maya , roasted on site. Additionally the owners have dedicated the land formerly used for the driving range, to growing crops for donation to The Canadian Foodgrains Bank in support of global hunger.

They are also offering Footgolf – a soccer meets golf game – and last time I was there, there were goats on the 6th hole. GOATS!!!

5 – Masstown Market

Masstown Market photo retrieved from:

Masstown Market photo retrieved from:

Most people have at some point, visited the Masstown Market. What was once a traditional farmers market, with fresh local produce & a small gift shop, has now expanded to include a larger cafe/dinning area, a fresh sea food market & I hear a new meat market is on its way!

Masstown Market is again, on the outskirts of Truro, about 10-15 minutes outside town, headed towards New Brunswick, Fair warning, this place is PACKED on weekends.

There are so many other gems I know I am missing here; the Cobequid Trail, Sugar Moon Farms, RiverBreeze, just to name a few more. If you are from the area or have recently visited, what are some of your favourite local spots in Truro or more broadly Colchester County?

(Featured image credited to: Babineau Visual Photography )