Welcome to the team Jen!

Jennifer Batstone our new Community Manager

Jennifer Batstone our new Community Manager

As some of you may know, my family has doubled in size over the past 11 months & we have adopted 2 baby girls – welcome home Nola & Brynn!

Being a new mom is a ton of fun but it has definitely taken time away from running Pigeon Post. I want to make sure my business runs smoothly & I am giving my clients the service they expect, so I am very excited to announce that I have brought someone on to help me do that while I hang out with my girls for the next few months on mat leave.

Jennifer Batstone will be working with PPMI in the role of Community Manager. In her role, Jen will be taking on a majority of the day to day tasks, including managing many of our existing client’s social media profiles. Jen can be reached at jenn@pigeonpostmedia.ca or on twitter @JenniferBatston ‏. I will still be available for any questions, concerns or inquiries so please feel free to continue to reach out to me at kelly@pigeonpostmedia.ca or @pigeonpostmedia on twitter.

Welcome to Pigeon Post Jen, we are very happy to have you on-board!