Social Media for Business Professionals

Prelude: I struggled to write that title, because to me ‘Business Professionals’ is such a broad, lame term. What I mean to write about here is social media tips for people working in professions such as accounting, law, financing, etc., so ‘business professional’ was the best term I could think of to include all of those who I am writing this post for.

We often associate social media with product-based businesses, like for example, coffee shops which have a product (coffee) to showcase via social media & market to consumers. But what about service providers? These are the businesses that do not sell a product per se, but provide a service to consumers, such as accountants or lawyers. They are what I have generally termed here as ‘business professionals’ for the purposes of this blog. And while services are less visual than products, that does not mean the benefits of using social media for marketing are not there for service providers. Here are 5 tips for business professionals using social media to market their services:

1. Choose the right platform for your business

That is a pretty general tip & goes for all businesses, product or service based. To make it more specific to business professionals; carefully consider the service you provide, who your audience is and where they are. Do not just join Instagram because it is one of the leading social media platforms, but instead ask yourself, is that where my audience is & is that where they will likely interact with my businesses’ shared content? Make the best use of your time by spending it on the platforms that are most likely to return results for your business. For most business professionals, this may be platforms such as LinkedIn, where connections are expecting to form business relationships instead of just generally social relationships.

2. Diversify your social media content

The disadvantage you as a ‘business professional’ have is working with content that is not necessarily visual; meaning typically your content is text-based, not photo-based. What you are sharing is often tips, advice & links to blog posts all to do with your industry. And while this is the type of content you need to share to educate your audience on the services you provide, sharing other types of content can help to increase engagement & catch the attention of a wider audience. Think about it this way, if you are an accountant, and all you share is tax advice & financial consulting tips, your page will eventually go a little stagnant as the audience you have fostered gets complacent with the same content. They will begin to glaze over the posts they have come to expect again & again & again from your page. But, if you were to start weaving in content about an upcoming community event, this post may catch the eye of a new follower who reacts to the community post, but then follows your page, introducing themselves to your services. Additionally, it may help to spark some interaction with those existing followers who have become complacent to your typical content.

3. Network, talk & make relationships

Again, another general tip, but especially important to business professionals as you are selling a service that you provide. You must then sell yourself & make potential clients want to work with you & feel comfortable approaching you. On social media, this means having conversations, engaging with other people, participating in chats and liking & sharing other’s content. Doing so will tell your audience that you are present on social media, listening & ready to talk with them. Simply tweeting or sharing content does not give your audience a true idea of who you are & if you are someone they would like to work with.

Opportunities for business professionals on social media are just as present as those for other professions, just in different ways & with different strategies. Business professionals must work harder to create a social media persona for themselves & invite their clients to begin engaging with them, not just their content. Additionally, because their content is often text-based & does not grab the attention of audience members as well as photo-based content may, it is important for business professionals to diversify their content & keep what they are sharing new, fresh & engaging.

Are you a business professional & using social media to grow your business? How do you do it & which platforms do you find most useful? Tweet us@PigeonPostMedia & let us know!