About Pigeon Post Media

My name is Kelly Blair & I’m the founder/owner of Pigeon Post Media – hi & welcome to Pigeon Post!

I founded Pigeon Post in 2015 after moving back to my hometown Truro, Nova Scotia, however my career in Social Media management started earlier in 2012 when I graduated from Dalhousie University with a Masters Degree in Electronic Commerce. After spending my first 3 years out of university as a community manager in both Halifax & Toronto, I made a move away from the industry when I made the move back to Truro.

The small town of Truro just did not seem to offer the career prospects that I had previously found in the larger cities so I took a break from what had become the start of an exciting career and a new found love. I stayed involved with the social media community through volunteering & some pro bono work, however largely moved on to other career perspectives.

It was not until I met a representative from a large media outlet that the idea of Pigeon Post was born. The media representative and I met to discuss advertising opportunities for my present employer at the time. Throughout his pitch, he began to discuss the online advertising opportunities for my employer , including things like advertising on his company’s website  – which boasted high traffic & a large social media presence. I began to ask him a little more about his digital & social audience like who were the people that visited his site most often? Where did they come from? How often did they visit the site? Were they an active audience? All important questions, as the advertising space my employer was thinking of purchasing was quite expensive & it would be important to know if it was worth the cost by knowing that our message would be broadcasting to an audience that was interested in our product.I was surprised to find out that the representative could not tell me too much about his audience, except to say that there were many unique visitors to the page every day & a VERY large twitter following. I started showing him some tricks to find out more about his audience and improve his ability to delivery real results to his marketing clients. After all, what is the good of a large audience, if no one is listening. He was very appreciative & said he would pass the tips onto his community manager, the individual who ran the digital and social media accounts.

I left work that day thinking about how I could help the representative & his community manager more so that their organization would really begin to see results from their social media marketing efforts & make their online presence something they could sell to their clients. That is when I realized that this was a large national media outlet who was struggling with their social media efforts & if they were, likely many other groups were as well.

This was what inspired me to found Pigeon Post. Pigeon Post would be my opportunity to provide a social media managementservice for all organizations, large or small. Whether looking to get started on social media sites like Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn or looking to improve on the way it is currently being manage, my goal is to be that resource for your company.

So that is the true story of Pigeon Post. Thanks for taking the time to read my story & if social media is something you are looking to get started or to improve on, I would love to hear from you- kelly@pigeonpostmedia.ca